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The Lake || Steph&Matt 

Stephanie grabs her jacket from the floor and shrugs it over her shoulders. Her clothes were always strewn over the floor and her bed and her dresser and the chairs. Her clutter was everywhere, but that was the way she liked it. She knew where things were when they were messy, strange as that sounded. She pulls a pair of ripped shorts on and then her favorite pair of brown lace up boots. She fixes her hair one last time and then retreats out the door to go find “Matt or Matty Waters.” They were going to the lake. She was actually quite excited since she really (really) loved the lake. It was so calm and peaceful. Also, she had made a new friend; so that was a plus!

She exits her cabin and starts her walk down to Cabin 12. She felt excited about getting to know Matt. He seemed cool and funny and exactly what she needed to get used to making new friends. He was relaxed. And also, there were some rumors flying around about him and his best friend James (not that she sought out gossip or anything, but man did people talk around here). So she was curious, sue her. Stephanie takes in her surroundings as she walks, glancing at all the demigods running around and wreaking all sorts of havoc. She liked it here.

Stephanie finally spots Matt- right in front of Cabin 12 where he said he’d be. She waves and smile sweetly, her bubbly personality already shining through. She was especially happy today, and tended to be generally friendly towards anyone really. “Hi,” she says as she approaches, taking in his soft green eyes and slightly disheveled brunette hair.

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    "There’s people that never learn," he shrugs, smiling at her. "At least you learned. And you learned really fast too,"...
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    She laughs out loud and shakes her head. “Hey, I just learned how to swim at 18. Who’s more ridiculous?” she asks,...